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This is the story of evolution like you have never experienced before. Taste and flavor have changed with our own human development and ancestry. Embark on the journey through the different eras and let us guide you to the perfect cocktail for you.

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Australopithecus are thought to be the ancestor of modern human beings Fossil remains have been unearthed from a series of sites in eastern, north central and southern Africa. Perhaps the most famous specimen of Australopithecus is “Lucy” a remarkably preserved fossilized skeleton found in Ethiopia, it was dated to 3.2 million years ago. Australopithecus life was a hardship, evidently at the bottom of food chain it could only have been very stressful. Hunted by predators such as super crocs, terror birds and cow sharks, Australopithecus often found themselves in need of alcoholic beverages.

Difficult lifestyles led Australopithecus to develop the first essential tools to survive such hot, dry and dangerous conditions. Cocktail shakers, bar spoons, strainers and most importantly ice would become paramount in every aspect of their lives. In this primary era classic cocktails were invented and have survived throughout the history of evolution so you can still enjoy them in bars all around the world today.



The evolution of early human continued, and Australopithecus were replaced by Homo Habilis. With a brain almost double in size than Australopithecus, Homo Habilis were always destined for greater things. With a unique pattern of grips and hand movements, Homo Habilis were able to develop very important tools, the Core chopper was mainly used to defend themselves and for hunting. Life did not get any easier during this period of time. Mammoths, hyenas and lions were prepared to capitalize on any small mistakes Homo Habilis made. They would often have to compete with scavenging birds over leftover pieces of meat.

The evolution of Homo Habilis would not have been successful had they not invented additional necessary tools, such as the julep strainer, blender and dehydrator. Bitters have been introduced to cocktails as part of this development to expand the flavour horizons.


Next on the evolutionary family tree are the Homo Erectus. Taller, more robust and intelligent than previous genera, Homo Erectus became one of the more dominant creatures on the food chain. They were able to hunt some of the biggest animals to exist on earth. Mastering the art of fire was perhaps the most important discovery of this era. Homo Erectus were also able to develop some sophisticated tools such as cleavers, scrapers or choppers. All the new tools and discoveries made life much easier and more harmonic. Homo Erectus were able to connect emotionally and began to socialize. Bored of the same old cocktails they were looking at other ways to explore the full potential of mixing alcohol beverages. They expanded the borders of taste and flavour ever further developing smoking guns, induction hobs, ice molds and syphons.


As civilized as Homo Erectus were, Homo Neanderthalensis burst onto the scene with even more dominance. They were able to create more sophisticated weapons and tools. In addition to choppers and cleavers they developed blades for axes and knives. They were able to build dwellings including caves and tree houses. They crafted the first clothes and blankets. Medicine plants were used to treat severe injuries.

Neanderthals became more gastronomic and started boiling, smoking and roasting raw meat. The possibilities during this era seemed to be endless. It is well known however that every rise is followed by a downfall. Between all the happy hunting, endless summer barbecues and fashion shows they forgot the most important element of their culture : ALCOHOL.

The golden generation of human evolution became extinct, but their spirit lives on through our non-alcoholic cocktails.


After the fall of Neanderthals, human life took a long time to claim back their strategic position on planet Earth. That is until the arrival of Homo Sapiens. The most advanced of human species arrived on a scene 300,000 years ago. They started to create first human settlements, domesticated animals, created languages, religions and social society. They managed to invent electricity, cars and planes. Science and development forged ahead with the invention of radio, telephones, TV’s and internet.

Neanderthals were quickly forgotten but their biggest mistakes were well remembered. Humans became the master species on the planet and the importance of alcohol became global. They fought against any sign of sobriety with new culinary techniques and more advanced tools such as sous vide & vacuum machines or espuma syphons. More recently, molecular techniques such as spherification and foams have been introduced to the cocktail world. Of course, Homo Sapiens never forgot their ancestors and pay tribute to them frequently by using the same fermentation process they used in time gone by.


The word “Spritz” is less of a cocktail itself than a term for the type of cocktail. It comes from a German word “spritzen” which means “to spray” or “to splash”. The history of spritzers reaches back to beginnings of 19th century. Austro-Hungarian soldiers based in Italy tried to drink Italian wines and found it a bit too strange for their tastes. They asked local host to spritz their glass with water. Over time sparkling water was preferred, becoming the basis for the general term used today.

Our team of military scientists have discovered 112 years old menu specifically designed for Austro-Hungarian soldiers passing through Venice. We can now exclusively share this translated version with you.


Just like human beings, cocktails have their own ancestor : Punch. The original punch began in the British-East India trade. Our amazing team of drink historians shared a story that explains the origin of this drink: English sailors ran out of beer and wine on their way to the East. And you can not have a full boat of thirsty Englishmen. A group of creative and highly intelligent sailors decided to make artificial wine from spirits. After numerous attempts this idea unfortunately failed and it is from this failure that Punch was born.

At Kin Khao City we keep the principle of punch, which has evolved into our sharing cocktail selection.

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