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Kin Khao City


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Call me The Nutcracker Man

vodka, espresso, chilli, walnut bitters

Mammoth for breakfast

dark rum, strawberries, chilli pepper, coconut milk, pineapple juice

If Bob the builder had a legacy

vodka, limoncello, speculoos, kaffir, lemon curd

My jaw is bigger than yours

vodka, vanilla, lime, aromatic fever tree tonic

Why not Homo Hamilius ah?

vodka, rose, cardamom, lime, homemade ginger beer

Au revoir Mr and Mrs Habilis

bourbon, forest mushrooms, mint, anise, lime, grapefruit

I can, you can, Tur-can

rum, watermelon, chili pepper, holy basil, caramel

Homo van Erectus

whiskey, cold brew coffee, pandan leaves, coconut soda

Neil who?

bourbon, lime, orange bitters, homemade mint lemonade

Zero waste

whiskey, basil syrup, lemon, plum bitters, egg white

Darwin wasn’t right about everything

rum, kaffir, tamarind

Chasing kangaroos

tequila, mezcal, beetroot, cucumber, dill, homemade tepache

Drums and dozes

rum, black garlic, creme de cacao, banana juice

Endless evolution

cremant, ginger, lemongrass, mango & pineapple espuma

All Aboard

rum, fruit tea, lemon juice, ginger beer

The sinking ship

vodka, watermelon, salted caramel, lemon juice, elderflower fever tree tonic, soda water

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